3-4 Jul 2017 Bangalore (India)


      This workshop is aimed at providing scientific advances in the understanding of the interactions between microwaves and nanotechnologies. It will permit to hold the 1st indo-french workshop on Microwave Nanotechnologies in order to establish a mutually beneficial collaboration between India and France by presenting research activities, sharing recent results, and identifying complementary topics.

     The workshop is aimed at bringing closer the Indian and French specialists and to ignite collaborative research programs, training programs and scientific exchanges between the two countries.

      Identification of topics of mutual interest that could be the basis of future cooperation between academic and industrial actors of this domain is foreseen. The workshop is aimed at building a bilateral research program in Microwave Nanotechnologies.

Main topics

1D-2D materials

The discovery of novel 1D-2D materials has recently attracted great attention among the research community due to their extraordinary mechanical, electronic and optical properties. In particular, carbon-based materials (such as carbon nanotubes, graphene) are quoted to enable devices, circuits, and systems competitive and compatible with the established silicon technology, ranging from microwave to THz range, thus offering new capabilities, such as lower power consumption, enhanced electro-thermal-mechanical properties and novel functionalities. The work in this area paves the way to related developments that utilize other 2D materials such as chalcogenides, germanenes, silicenes, metal oxides and hexagonal boron nitrides. Possibilities exist for designing devices that utilize a combination of materials rather than isolated 2D crystals to satisfy diverse requirements ranging from insulator to direct bandgap properties. Their heterostructures provide further enhancement in device properties and design flexibility.


Modeling & Design

The goal is to bridge the gap between nano-science theoretical foundations and the implementation of advanced numerical tools for the investigation, modeling and design of a new generation of integrated, smart, multi-functional materials, while extending it in the modern tools for electromagnetic analysis based on Maxwell’s equations.


General Topics to be covered during the workshop

·       Multi-scale & mult-physics Simulation and Modeling

·       1D and 2D materials including graphene and 2D semiconductor materials

·       Nano materials & devices

·       Optical control of nanodevices

·       Metamaterials

·       THz frequency range science and technology


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